This ryokan is divided between new wing and older wing, with the Taisho Wing built about 100 years ago during the Taisho Period (early 1900s).
The Taisho Wing is being operated while the building is carefully maintained. Inside you can experience the atmosphere of the Taisho Period, during which designs of mixed Western and Japanese style were popular as can be seen with the ryokan’s corridors, furniture and windows. You’ll experience real Japanese hospitality with peaceful country-side scenery, top notch historical hot springs, Japanese kaiseki cuisine, and the utmost sincere and heartfelt hotel service.

Room -Manyou-
Japanese Kaiseki Cuisine
Study Room of Seicho Matsumoto
The hot spring water here has been refreshing and reviving the bodies and minds of the local people since before 1250. One of the famous mystery writers, Seicho Matsumoto stayed at this ryokan for 2 months in 1965.
The room he stayed in has been preserved, and a study room where he inspired and wrote a mystery novel, D no fukugou (Crossing Degrees; latitude & longitude) during his stay at the ryokan is available for all guests to read and enjoy the same atmosphere Seicho felt in the past.

Please note that you may be asked to pick up and carry your luggage in order to preserve flooring such as in tatami rooms.
Meals will be served in a restaurant at tables where you can enjoy the bamboo forests.

Hot springs


The closest station is Yuuhigaura Kitsu Onsen station on the Kyoto Tango Railway Line, just 3 min on foot from the Ryokan.
From Osaka or Kyoto station, it may take about three to three and half hour train ride to Yuuhigaura Kitsu Onsen station.  For detail, please ask a train station in Osaka or Kyoto to get a train ticket and train schedule.
  •  Osaka – Toyooka – Yuuhigaura Kitsu Onsen route: 3 hours and 20 minutes
  •  Osaka – Fukuchiyama – Amanohashidate – Yuuhigaura Kitsu Onsen route: 3 hours and 10 minutes
  •  Kyoto – Amanohashidate – Yuuhigaura Kitsu Onsen route: 3 hours