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Enjoy Japanese Sake

In Tango, there are several Japanese Sake brewers nearby. Snow water and large rice fields help brewers to make good sake in this area. Additionally, fresh fish, crab and shellfish caught in the Sea of Japan and local sake make your meal more delicious and remarkable. 
YEBISUYA serves five different types of sake for our guests upon requests. 

Hot Spring

YEBISHIYA provides your excellent atmosphere of hot spring.  There are indoor and outdoor onsen only for our guests.
Our hot spring is the one of the oldest hot spring in Kyoto prefecture. You can enjoy fountainhead of hot spring in the private bath. This hot spring water contains rich mineral for good health.


Guest rooms are decorated in authentic Japanese style. You enjoy tatami mat, fusuma(
sliding-door), low-tables, zabuton mat (seat cusion).
Taisho wing built approximately 100 years ago. Famous novelist, Mr. Seicho Matsumoto stayed at YEBISUYA and wrote one of his mystery novels. Our omotenashi hospitality has continued.